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Future of Fitness

Sep 16, 2020

EC Synkowski runs OptimizeMe Nutrition, a company whose goal is to provide solutions for anyone to improve their weight, health, and overall well being through sustainable diet methods.

EC has extensive education in the life sciences with a BS in biochemical engineering, a first MS in environmental sciences (with a focus in genetics), and a second MS in Nutrition & Functional Medicine. She has also trained others for two decades and has over 600 hours of public speaking experience teaching fitness and nutrition all over the world.

How did EC get to where she is now? (1:36)

  • EC originally started in environmental engineering and did some CrossFit seminars on the side before professionally starting in fitness.
  • It was only when CrossFit started growing exponentially around 2010 that she started working full time for them. 
  • She continued to build her skills that she had accumulated over a decade by doing weekend training regimes and meeting other fitness professionals and designing new CrossFit programs, implementing them, and scaling them.
  • It wasn’t until around 2016 that she needed to do some continuing education for CrossFit, gaining a second master’s degree in nutrition and functional medicine.
  • As she finished her degree she resigned from CrossFit and started her own company. 

Why is nutrition so confusing and complicated? (11:09)

  • EC states that people think too deploy about their diets and the “changes” that happen to them when we eat healthier. 
  • People focus on the details like oh I’m eating salmon now instead of chicken. Or I’m eating fewer tomatoes but more strawberries.
  • These differences are minuscule and what is actually important is that people are eating less processed foods like ice-cream and chips. 
  • Diets contribute largely to overall health but for optimal results combine healthy eating habits with healthy life habits like family, community, and fitness
  • It’s healthier and easier to not go too extreme and rather moderate your intake of unhealthy foods instead of try and cut them out completely. 
  • People tend to follow popular trends instead of focusing on the actual research behind certain diets. 

Meat vs Plant-Based. (23:35)

  • People are moving from saying Vegan due to the negative connotations it has gathered to saying plant-based. 
  • EC sees the plant-based as being an improvement on veganism.
  • She doesn’t believe that only plant-based nutrition is necessary for optimal health. 
  • EC recommends animal sources due to the lower calorie to protein intake than plant-based protein. 
  • Plant-based proteins have people eating too many carbs and fat to reach their needed protein levels.
  • Even if you choose supermarket meat that’s probably been factory farmed, it is still healthier than eating processed foods like chips and pizza. 
  • EC states that it doesn’t matter whether you buy pastured beef or factory-farmed beef if you’re actively trying to be a healthier person you are saving on environmental and medical costs elsewhere.

Life Stress and its impact on health. (32:23)

  • EC states that life stress and some other psychological factors are as important as nutrition.
  • When people are feeling less than optimal they generally look at correcting their diets because it seems within their control when stress isn’t. 
  • She points out in her Blue Zones that when you start asking which protein powder is better, it’s laughable because 6 out of the 9 factors people use to reach 100 have nothing to do with nutrition. 
  • If we build our bodies up to be resilient with certain nutrition programs we have more freedom within our lives.
  • People need to focus on the big picture more instead of all the smaller details. Don’t be obsessive about every little aspect and ingredient of your diet and workout and rather use that energy to right other factors in your life, like getting enough sleep. 

Start simple, get intricate. (39:21)

  • EC thinks focusing on the bigger picture, like eating 800g a day, and getting that right first is very important before going into the intricate details. 
  • People struggle the most with the consistency of it. It’s a lifestyle change, its how you choose to live your life for forever.
  • She offers her clients a leaderboard where people can check in on four things a day; did they hit their protein target? Did they hit their fruits and vegetables? Did they exercise? Did they sleep enough?
  • You need less precision than most people think, it’s just that you need to keep doing them in the long term. 

EC’s Company OptomiseMe Nutrition

OptimiseMe Nutrition is a company dedicated to making nutrition easy through B2B/B2C digital education and corporate wellness programs.

Their mission is to provide easy solutions for anyone to improve their weight, health, and overall wellbeing with sustainable diet changes. 

They have helped thousands to live a healthier and happier life. 


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