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Future of Fitness

Sep 30, 2020

Max Shank is the owner of Ambition Athletics, he is also the author of Ultimate Athleticism, Simple Shoulder Solution, and Master The Kettlebell. Max studied economics and Spanish. He uses his knowledge in economics to make training and life easier and more efficient for his clients. 

Max wants to see everyone succeed and live a healthy and active life and therefore trains people to sustainably move daily without getting injured. 

What does Max’s daily practice look like? (2:48)

  • Max likes focusing on breathing to start off with, followed by a controlled pause. During this stage, you are practicing drawing the abdomen in and rolling it in waves. Really building that core control.
  • People tend to hold their core stiff to exercise it but one should rather learn to balance the tension in their core, thus teaching them to breathe diaphragmatically. 
  • He then moves on to the vision and vestibular exercises to stimulate your vestibular system (your inner ear).
  • They then move on to juggling, rolling on the floor, and shoulder rolls. They top this off with some self-massage and Isometrics bringing it to a full spectrum balanced muscle movements. 
  • Max also advises to be slow and deliberate in your movements and to build up speed over time, because if you’re in too much of a hurry you end up missing the gains you would’ve gotten from deliberate slow movements. 

What will be a good thing to come out of the fitness industry? (41:24)

  • There will be less competition for gym owners because many will be leaving the business forever. 
  • People in the industry like trainers are craving human connections. The more comfortable they can make their clients, the more clients you will eventually have.
  • People are going to be slow coming back to physical gym sessions, however, people are open to online coaching and prefer it more than live training sessions. 

Time Management (53:07)

  • Max believes that meditation does not really count unless you do it for an hour at a time.
  • He thinks the same of exercise if you didn’t do it for at least an hour, you did not really exercise.
  • You need to try and fit these times into your schedule if you want to see any noticeable changes in your mood and productivity.
  • Constant motion is important, but helping each other is more important. Figuring out the best way to thrive together.
  • The world is your oyster, you just have to work hard. 

Ambition Athletics 

Ambition Athletics 

Their goal is to help people live a better, more active life without the stress of injury.

With the belief that exercise should always build you up and not tear you down. Their exercises aim at sustainable and safe exercises that invigorate people and ready them for the day ahead of them.


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