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Future of Fitness

Dec 20, 2017

Jill Brown is a Los Angeles based Fitness Professional.  With 20+ years of experience in teaching, training and continuing my education, she has transformed thousands of lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes.

Outside of the gym or studio, she is also a Content Producer, Writer, Director and Consultant for infomercials, fitness products, marketing videos and related media.  Somewhere along the way, she became an “Influencer”  and thanks to her background in journalism and media, she started blogging in 2009.  In front of the camera, she is a Show Host, Fitness Lifestyle Model, and Spokesperson.

She moved to L.A. to pursue television and film production work. As her interest in fitness grew, her career goal became finding a way to fuse her two passions – production and fitness. 

Jill uses her communication background to educate and motivate people towards a healthier life – one that embraces movement and getting a handle on their nutrition.  She leverages her vast knowledge of fitness, plus the years of media experience, to help products create authentic content with value.