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Future of Fitness

Jul 15, 2020

Dr. James Hardt moved around a lot in his earlier childhood due to his father being a teacher. This shaped his thinking about the nature of reality and the importance of transcending culture. He accelerated in Mathematics, Science and English in High School, which earned him a Scholarship and went to Carnegie Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physics, and then a Masters Degree and PhD in Psychology along with a postdoc in psychophysiology at the Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute in San Francisco. 

What is Psychophysiology? 

  • Dr. Hardt explains this term as psyche meaning “mind” and physiology meaning “body”.
  • This involves interactions between mind and body. Dr. Hardt is a brain scientist and international businessman, and enables people to work with their physiology, the electroencephalogram, learning to control their emotions and their thinking or experiences, all of which are dependent on underlying brainwaves.
  • Brainwaves rule your life - your emotions, feelings, perceptions. Anything that people do to have an effect or experience, they only have an effect if it changes the brainwaves. 

What is BioCybernaut? What is the service provided by you? What are the qualities of what you do? 

  • BioCybernaut is to inner space what an astronaut is to outer space. Deconstructing the word, “bio” means body, “cyber” is the calculating technology. 
  • Cipher - long ago - was used to mean doing arithmetic, and calculations. 
  • Naut is a Greek suffix used to describe someone going on an adventure. We now have Cosmonauts and Astronauts and Biosevennauts who explore inner space. 

If brain exploration was looked at from a perspective of travel across the United States - New York meaning you know everything, and California is you know nothing - how far do you think we have gotten? 

  • Making the assumption that the trip started in San Francisco, at least halfway across the Bay Bridge, and we are heading to Oakland. 

People seem extremely full of angst and depression when everything seems relatively peaceful if you look at the history of mankind, why are we such an unsettled creature? 

  • We are very aware. A cow may not be anxious or worried when being led to the slaughterhouse because they may not be a very aware creature. Whereas humans have the ability to be aware of past, present and future. 
  • Ramadas said “If you want to live high, you have to live outside of time” and Zen Master Suzuki Roshi said, “time is the basis of fear”. 
  • You may be fine in the present, but you may not be in the future. 
  • Dr. Hardt believes perfectionism is a curable disease. An obsession with perfection creates anxiety and impairs your abilities. Letting go of perfectionism you will be closer to perfectionism. 
  • Early psychological research was able to show that anxiety could impair all forms of performance, mental or physical. 
  • Alphas brain waves are like silver bullets against anxiety. This was a basis for a paper Dr. Hardt published in 1978, where he was able to show that if you took high anxiety people and taught them to increase their alpha, both types of anxiety would drop. 
  • There are 6 and 12-month check-ups with previous patients that used this method and proved that they were actually better off further down the line than the day after training. 

Why is there shame around anxiety? 

  • If it is believed that something relating to your mental state that you believe is not optimal or as good as those around you, there will be shame. 
  • Dr. Hardt can help relieve this. 

If you look at types of drugs that reduce anxiety, are they messing with alpha brain waves, or how are they working? Is this the science-related between he pharma and what you do or is there a connection? 

  • Humans are Bio Electro Magneto Chemical Organisms - our awareness is dependent on proper functioning of biochemistry, the electrical and the magnetic activity which is produced by biological chemical activity. 
  • Drugs allow you to intervene with biochemistry. 
  • When you are working towards doing something, there are activities in your brain when you are doing brainwave feedback where you are doing your processes through consciousness, which alter underlying biochemistry. 
  • A study done by Jean Penniston discovered the alterations brain wave training has on the blood, which reduced beta-endorphins, which is a stress indicator in the brain. 
  • Brain wave training reduces a bad marker of brain biochemistry, which allows you to intervene in the system any place you like. 

How long have you been studying this? You don’t count your birthdays anymore, is that right? 

  • Dr. Hardt had started studying this subject even before he was 26. 
  • When anyone comes over for training, Dr. Hardt will have a cake and put a candle in the middle of it to celebrate the fact that this is their first year of their life. 

What is your origin story? 

  • Dr. Hardt was a senior in physics at Carnegie Institute of Technology when he came across a sign that said Dr. Joe Kumea will be talking on brain waves. He decided to go. 
  • Dr. Kumea discovered that humans could control their own brain waves in April 1962, he reported this result to the Western Psychological Association meeting in San Francisco. 
  • Dr. Hardt spent his time reading anything he could find on brain waves. 
  • Dr. Hardt rode his motorcycle across the trans-Canadian highway down where he found the Coast Highway and showed up at Dr. Kumeas lab where he volunteered. 
  • Dr. Hardt went to Joanne Gardner after his initial 3-day test and asked her if he could go into the closet with the equipment to play around. She agreed and continued with her work, evidently forgetting him in the closet. Through the 11th course of their 12th course Chinese lunch Joanne was having with her coworkers, she remembered Dr. Hardt was locked in the basement. 
  • Paul Gorman explained to Dr. Hardt that what he experienced in the chamber was meditation, Dr. Hardt then knew after that summer that his life was going to be about this. 

How does plant medicine compare and contrast? Is there a bridge that needs to be closed? 

  • If plants change your brain waves, you’ll have experiences. 
  • A friend of Dr. Hardt went to Peru to record the brain waves during Iowa Ceremonies, and it was reported that the increased alpha brain waves were similar to what Dr. Hardt's training started on, but it lacked the negative effect. 
  • There was a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association where medical students who had access to a brainwave computer wanted to see the effects that smoking marijuana would have on their brain. It was established that it increased the power of alphas and had a slight slowing in frequency. 
  • Marijuana destroys short term memory, whereas Dr. Hardt's training does not.
  •  A Biofeedback researcher named Barbara Brown gave College students LSD - before it became illegal - she discovered that it higher the alpha brain waves in some students, and lowered the alpha brain waves in others. The dividing line was whether or not they were visualizers. 

What was one of the biggest personal challenges you had as you developed Biocybernaut and what led you down this path? 

  • Dr. Hardt registered during his senior year, he set up an exchange program between the site department at Duquesne University, where they had some professors who were Jesuit Priests from France, who were teaching phenomenology. 
  • Many professors did not want Dr. Hardt to work within this area. He registered as a grad student and became friends with Timothy Leary. Leary and his wife did a lot of LSD, and he’s a social psychological phenomenon. No matter what Leary did he was studying the structure of his consciousness and noting the ways his body influenced his mind. 
  • Dr. Hardt was doing meditation in the Yogananda tradition along with his work in science. 
  • Dr. Hardt learned that brain waves affect the different response the alpha brain waves have in superconscious states, such as Zen and Yoga. 
  • Dr. Hardt tells Dr. Terrence Barret this, and a few hours gets denied the use of the electrophysiological equipment on the grounds that anyone who is interested in consciousness could not be serious about pursuing a PhD in psychology. 
  • The acting Dean showed interest in the study of consciousness, and this allowed Dr. Hardt to continue his studies. 

Can you give us insights into what type of people go through your program? What are the benefits? Give us some stories? 

  • Tony Robbins, his wife and her personal assistant have gone through this. Robbins speaks highly of the Biocybernaut program. 
  • Dr. Hardt has trained royalty, European Royalty and Middle Eastern Royalty who bring a lot of people to partake in the training as well. 
  • Dr. Hardt has trained over 200 Canadian Aboriginal people. 
  • Dr. Hardt has also trained professional athletes. 
  • Dr. Hardt trained the Co-Founder of Canada's second-largest oil and gas company. 
  • Dr. Hardt had trained famous chiefs and Shaman and medicine men and women from who attended 12 years a month's schools that existed up until 1989. One individual trained was Chief Willie Little Child - who was on the Truth and Reconciliation commission - he was the first Aboriginal ever to be elected to the Canadian National Parliament. The work Dr. Hardt did in Canada, gave him an invitation to be adopted into the Cree Indian Nation, and was invited to speak at the United Nations Geneva. 

Is there anything that you or your business need right now that people can help out with? 

  • Biocybernaut has a program, a dream system which will allow training to be cut down from seven to five days. 
  • Dr. Hardt requires some help with sharing and spreading his business. 
  • Dr. Hardt built the world's first micro computerized brain wave feedback and analyzing system. 
  • Biocybernaut is a very strong decision making tool.