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Future of Fitness

Nov 15, 2017

Brian is CEO/Founder of CrossFit Illumine and Illumine Fitness in Chicago.  He has a rapidly growing business with two locations and a clear distinction between Illumine and his competitors.

Having found CrossFit after a decade of hitting the weights and running at the gym, Brian hasn’t looked back.  He always says CrossFit makes you a better human being physically, mentally and emotionally and is passionate about everything he does.  When he found CrossFit it was a “Lightbulb” moment and he knew he had to share it with the world.  His biggest assets are his leadership and motivation skills.  Three passions in life are Nutrition, Fitness, and Pitbulls.

CrossFit Illumine is a direct reflection of his philosophy on Fitness and Life in general.  He teaches people about the big picture, longevity and taking risks.