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Future of Fitness

Jun 14, 2022

Brian Chappon is the definition of a scrappy social entrepreneur and global citizen. A competitive athlete and seasoned expert in capital markets around the world, he takes an international perspective to building economic ecosystems and promoting health & wellness.

Brian founded his career as a volunteer and intern with NGOs providing disaster relief. Seeing the economic impact of those environmental events led to a new focus on the need for sustainable entrepreneurship and investment ecosystems in developing countries. As a consultant and head of capital markets, he raised funds and created models to analyze high-return projects and de-risk public-private partnership investments. He built networks of insurance companies, PE/Financial service providers, governments, NGOs, and innovative projects to build wealth, jobs, and opportunities in new markets in in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The mix of extended international travel, stress, and commitment to marathon training took a toll on his health. After the recession of 2008 he hit max burnout and went from what felt like being on top of the world to becoming homeless and living in a 24hour Starbucks in New York City. After shaking off the pain of failure Brian took a sabbatical to teach spinning in a high-end studio. During his time of reflecting he heard of the mental and physical health issues that fellow road warriors faced while traveling, and the idea to create a health studio in an airport was formed. He is now combining his passion for fitness, experience in entrepreneurship, and vision for global health to launch, the first travel health and wellness platform changing the way the world will travel during and after the global Covid-19 crises.


Mohammed Iqbal strives to enhance the lives of people. He believes the key to leading a healthier life is having access to fitness knowledge and acting on it. He founded SweatWorks, the leading digital agency in fitness design and technology to create meaningful wellness journeys for everyone.

As founder and CEO, Mohammed has established SweatWorks as a wellness technology brand unlike any other. The agency pursues innovation to make fitness engaging, beautiful and accessible to all.

Mohammed also contributes to the wellness industry via speaking engagements at leading events and fitness conferences around the world. His personal commitment to his fitness journey is an inspiration to all those he comes in contact with. Daily, he immerses himself in strategic and creative thinking, fitness, and innovation. For ten years, Mohammed has worked at exploring the intersection of fitness and technology paving way towards a more tangible wellness and healthcare future.

SweatWorks collaborates with top-tier fitness brands to provide design, technology and marketplace expertise to produce first-to-market fitness and wellness products. It has made the Inc 5000 list as one of the fastest growing private companies multiple times.