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Future of Fitness

Feb 24, 2019

10 years ago I began to have shoulder pain. I and my wife are both rock climbers, so this was a very challenging time for us. it took most of a year for me to find someone who could help with my shoulder. At this time It dawned on me that the order of operations for care was out of order. I became obsessed with biomechanics attending courses designed for medical professionals, primarily physical therapist. I had a new vision for preemptive care and believed a more thorough understanding of biomechanics could help me with athletes and their performance and prevention. We began using the term prehab 10 yrs. ago, and since then we’ve come up with a very effective model for providing athletes with insights to performance and prevention (mitigation). We began investigating pain science 5yrs. ago, believing that client education is very important for success. Why wait until someone is in pain, to explain pain to them? Wouldn’t it be better for people to have this understanding preemptively? This has been our goal since the beginning and remains our number one ambition. To provide insights usually reserved for a clinic after injury, before an injury. And to demystify the process if an injury should occur.