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Future of Fitness

Nov 18, 2020

Jerred is a Strenght and Conditioning Coach and founder of End of Three Fitness. He is a former Physical Training Leader and Fitness Program Manager with the U.S. Airforce Special Operations Command., and he's been featured in WOD Talk Magazine, Sweat RX Magazine, Life Hacker, The Huffington Post, The Art of Manliness, and more. He currently coaches and programs for hundreds of athletes from military operators to stay-at-home moms.

How did Jerred get to where he is now? (0:39)

  • Jerred did not start with the common path most people take to become a coach. 
  • Jerred wanted to be a fighter pilot since he was very young, and fitness was intertwined with that dream. 
  • Starting early in highschool, Jerred always had a passion for fitness. 
  • However, he also wanted to fly, and fly something fast. 
  • He spoke to his dad around the time he was to be off to college. 
  • He told him about how he wanted to do both fitness and flying, trying to get some fatherly advice. 
  • His father told him he can coach or be a fitness trainer at any point in his life, but you can’t be a fighter pilot any time in your life because of their age limitations. 
  • So Jerred decided to be a fighter pilot and pursue his goal of fitness later in life. 
  • He spent four years doing ROTC in college and he got accepted into a program called Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training.
  • He completed the program and ended up flying, 2 years later he ended up injuring himself in an aircraft. 
  • He got a bad hernia which ended up making him need surgery and physical therapy and after that he was not allowed to fly a high g-force aircraft anymore. 
  • After the flying door got closed in his face, Jerred had only one other door open and that was fitness. 
  • He started getting certifications, writing, reading, and blogging. Pretty much anything he could do to pursue his goal of going full fitness entrepreneur. 
  • Jerred says there’s a surprising amount of entrepreneurship involved in making fitness your career. 
  • A big part of Fighter Pilot training is the long hours, training days would usually go up to 16 hour days.
  • So knowing how hard the hours were, Jerred has started working out from home prior to leaving for his training. 
  • He had no money so he built all the equipment he needed to stay fit in his garage with minimal capital involved. 
  • He ended up sharing these DIY fitness equipment online and that was how he started getting traffic for his fitness business. 
  • Jerred was not passionate about building the equipment, he was only passionate about fitness itself and so he dove into the coaching and programming side and built up his audience slowly but surely to get to where he is now. 

What has the pandemic changed about the concept of a garden gym for Jerred? (9:24)

  • Jerred says garage gyms are definitely pickup up popularity. 
  • There is a bit of a divide between what people were interested in when it comes to real gyms and garage gyms. 
  • Jerred thinks both are good in their own ways and even though they are different 
  • Jerred does not think any trainer would say “I only cater to garage gym athletes” and this is because you can do any fitness you would do at a facility in your garage, living room, or wherever you want. 
  • Home gyms and garage gyms have grown in popularity exponentially over the last year because of the pandemic. 
  • Home guy people are a bit more limited in terms of space for their workouts within their living room or bedroom etc. 
  • Jerred has noticed that his business is now attracting a certain type of person and then there were others that looked interested but Jerred’s style turned out to not be what they are looking for.
  • Rogue fitness has escalated immensely and they are struggling to keep up to date with all the production they need to do, to the point that they are skipping out on old annual traditions like matte black Fridays. 
  • If Rogue can catch up with all of their resources, Jerred believes that garage gyms are going to become a staple for the fitness industry from here on out. 

End of Three Fitness

End of Three Fitness is a fitness and conditioning business that has one person, and that is to make you a better human. They use their study and application of doing as they call it: Better humanology. They focus on garage gym athletes, the ‘other’ guy/girl, and humans around the world get better and healthier. 


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