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Future of Fitness

Dec 28, 2021

Matthew Januszek is an entrepreneur for 25 years. Builder of multiple successful businesses in the UK, Germany, Poland and the United States. Matthew now sits on the board as a director of 3 companies.

Co-founder of Escape Fitness, which he has taken from a start-up with minimal capital to a major International business chosen by premier fitness brands around the world, with growth across all markets including North America.

Matthew knows what it’s like to start and build a business: with hands-on experience in multiple start-ups, overcoming the challenge of financing the business and raising capital, innovating and reinventing the offering to remain relevant and expanding into international markets.

He is a serial learner, always listening to what successful people have done and how they have done it. Now, with the Escape Your Limits podcast, he is bringing others the opportunity to learn from his experiences and those of other entrepreneurs.


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