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Future of Fitness

Dec 27, 2017

Mike, an Exercise Physiologist from Boston, has been obsessed with human fitness since seeing Conan the Barbarian when he was 13 years old. After years of learning and implementing fitness into his own life, he shared that passion for 20+ years thousands of his clients in the heart of Boston. Upon meeting his business partner J.T. Barnett in 2004, they decided to join J.T.’s passion for technology and Mike’s passion for fitness by dedicated their life's work to the advancement of fitness technology designed to accelerate the advent of humans taking control of their health.

The fact the humanity is becoming even sicker. Health care systems, in general, are failing society and 9 out of 10 trainers fail due to not having the necessary tools to succeed, Mike and JT have developed BodyEvolver, an online platform system which serves as a foundation to share knowledge, simplify communication and understanding of a client's state with unique and customized tools to predict and track results. BodyEvolver is now being used at research facilities, health and fitness rehab units, colleges (as part of the student curriculum), as well as by weight loss clinics, health clubs, studios, online coaches and personal trainers from around the world. The system was designed to educate, inspire and motivate action towards improving human health across the spectrum of humanity in the spirit of conscious living.