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Future of Fitness

Jul 7, 2019

Nicole is a former fitness studio owner turned Authentic Marketing Mentor for Fit Pros. She successfully started, ran, and sold her boot camp for a 6 figure profit in just 3 years and ran an online weight loss coaching business. She has dedicated the past 5 years to serving other fitness business owners as a coach. Her specialty is building businesses from $0 to over $10k/month in less than 6 months in both the online and brick + mortar space.

Nicole now teaches the precise strategies she used to create her success in both her brick and mortar fitness studio and in her online coaching business through her company, Authentic Conversion. After seeing so many Fitness Professionals struggle to earn a living, despite being in the business of changing lives, she’s passionate about showing them there’s a better way to impact more people, earn more money, and work less hours. She’s determined to show fitness professionals that the freedom they crave is much closer than they can conceive!