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Future of Fitness

Jun 21, 2022

Sam is the CEO and a co-founder of FitXR. Sam began his career as a management consultant at PwC in Auckland, New Zealand and then worked in private equity after moving to London in 2014.

FitXR is all about making fitness fun and accessible to everyone. The main problem with the traditional gym is that the wrong people are going to it. It’s those who already have a background in exercise and sport, who continue to train throughout their lives. These people enjoy the gym experience or the physical and aesthetic benefits it provides. But this is not the case for the increasingly inactive population who are put off by the traditional gym experience. They believe VR fitness can help bridge this gap and believe the way to appeal to a wider range of people than just those that are in shape is to make exercise feel more like play. When you're a kid running around outside you don’t think of what you are doing as exercise. If adults felt that same joy when they were working out, more would form consistent habits.




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