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Future of Fitness

Dec 10, 2019

Dr. Drobot, The Health Performance Specialist™ is an international, leading authority on European Biological Medicine and electroceutical performance technologies and is the founder of the American Centers of Biological Medicine in Scottsdale and New England, collectively the largest, most comprehensive Biological Medical centers in North America. Dr. Drobot serves as the medical liaison and performance program designer for Nexus Wellness, the Bahamas-based, luxury wellness destination. He is also currently the performance specialist doctor to the Arizona Cardinals and Coyotes professional organizations. 


Dr. Drobot has spent the last twenty years harnessing cutting edge science and bioregulatory technology to assess and amplify human biology and physiology. Helping professional organizations reach peak performance through neurohacking mindset is the height of Dr. Drobot’s professional passion. Dr. Drobot connects with organizations across the globe to create bespoke cultures of health performance in the corporate finance and boutique business space, transforming corporate warriors into peak performers. 


Dr. Drobot is the author of Bioregulatory Medicine. Stay posted for his performance store and bioregulatory technologies coming in 2020.