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Future of Fitness

Sep 9, 2020

Jason Ackerman finished his Psychology masters in 2006. After graduating, he realized that he needed to find a ‘real’ job, something different from where he would be stuck in a gym for 16 hours a day and ending up with no energy. 

Jason decided to become a Crossfit coach and is one the founders of Own Your Eating. He  is also the author of the book titled “Best Hour of Their Day.” 

How does Jason feel about the CrossFit community right now??

  • Jason believes CrossFit is in the right place. The community went through difficult times, but they pulled together and came out stronger. 
  • He also believes Crossfit will continue to grow, and it is headed in a positive direction. 

How does he see CrossFit changing over the next year?

  • Jason believes there will be more communication from the top, more events, and more activity. 
  • There will be a push to a digital route, such as virtual workouts or a CrossFit app that people can use at home. 

Jason is teaching people to work with failure. What exactly is he working on? 

  • For many people, it is not all about training.t is more focused on what they are eating. 
  • The focus of Jason’s training is on their mindset and the emotions behind that. 
  • People often try to hide their failures. Go onto social media, and you’ll see that people portray all the good and none of the bad. 
  • Jason says that there is a gap between people’s lack of speaking about their failures and their method to overcome it. He wants to show people that you can overcome it. 

How does Jason’s relationship with failure look, and how it has changed over the last three years? 

  • He used to be afraid of failure. He viewed it as the end, with the worst-case scenarios attached to failure. 
  • We need to realize that you can do something to change and alter the course with every step of the way and prevent failure. 
  • Jason has gone through many failures and has come up with three actions to help avoid failure. 
  • An excellent example of a company that could have tried to overcome failure was Blockbusters; with the introduction of streaming apps, they closed down. There were a gap and an option for them to make different decisions and succeed, and individuals face similar situations. 

What is an example of where Jason failed,  that led to something better because he changed his mindset about failure? 

  • Jason says it would be something that he innovated or pivoted. 
  • Innovation wise, he was going through a burnout with his clients and barely made ends meet. He was in the gym for 16 hours a day; some hours, he had clients, and other times he had none. 
  • Quitting the fitness industry was firm in his mind; it was 2006. He had just finished his Masters in Psychology but did not want to go into that direction, so he saw a gap and opportunity to get into and instruct Crossfit. 


Instagram: @thejasonackerman

Instagram: @ownyoureating

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