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Future of Fitness

Mar 4, 2020

Wade is the President and Director of Education at Education at is dedicated to discovering, presenting, and sharing strategies backed by cutting edge research that leads to Healthy High Performance. They believe their products empower humanity to achieve an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul, holistically defined as BiOptimization.

Wade is a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, an Enagic Master Trainer, and the Founder of the Prosperity & Health Alliance as well as being the Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition. He began weight training at the age of 15 and has traveled the world to study with Physical, Financial, & Spiritual Masters. He has written several books and co-founded a nutrition company.

Tell us more about your background? (0.46)

  • Wade grew up in rural Canada on the East Coast and played hockey. At the age of 15, three things happened that set him on the path he now travels.
  • The first, his parents moved from a small town to a smaller town to become caretakers at a private resort.
  • The second was that his sister, four years his senior, was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes called Hodgkin's Disease. After a long illness, she died, and he remembers asking himself: How could a treatment like that make you sicker? A question that drove him for the rest of his life.
  • The third was a bodybuilding magazine his sister gave him with Troy Zuccolotto, who had just become Mr. California. He was on the cover with two pretty girls, and it made Troy want those same muscles so that he could also get pretty girls. After that, he decided to build a homemade Home Gym.
  • Wade believes in Arnold Schwarzenegger saying: With a positive attitude, self-discipline, and hard work, you can achieve anything. It is Arnold's vision that led him to a career in exercise physiology. It was also his inspiration to compete at the Mr. Universe competition where he represented his country and then cultivating his exercise science because he was competing as a vegetarian and drug-free athlete at the world-class level.

What's your philosophical approach to that having that very impactful situation early on? (4.42)

  • One of the things Wade shares with people is the human condition is pretty precarious and nobody gets out alive. We're all going to die, and we're all going to experience tragedy, we're all going to experience heartbreak.
  • One of the things he learned when his sister was dying was that everyone has regrets, and he was determined not to have regrets. He wants to experience a rich life, not necessarily a bunch of things collected around him.
  • As tragic as his sister dying was, it culminated in his way of life, a way of living, and a professional career that supports him.
  • He says that nobody wants you to hang on to the negativity of the past or the tragedy of the past. They would rather you take that person's legacy and positively remember them, in an inflexible way, and something that makes a difference in your life because that's how people live on through you.

Let's talk about what you do now, the BiOptimizer, and then how did this whole thing come about? (10.31)

  • Wade explains that after being on a spartan diet for 11 months while training for Mr. Universe, he then gained 42 pounds of fat and water in 11 weeks. 
  • He met Dr. Michael O'Brien, who said something that changed his life. He said, "you've learned to build the body from the outside in, now you have to build the body from the inside out."
  • Wade and Matt had started a bodybuilding site for natural athletes called Freaky Big Naturally, where they ended up coaching about 15,000 athletes around the world, which helped them gather a lot of data.
  • There was a trend emerging back then, and one of the things that came up over and over again was digestive health problems for people. 
  • About five years ago, they rebranded their company to BiOptimizer as their fundamental focus is fixing digestion and optimizing people's health.

How long did it take for you to get used to that switch?? (16.50)

  • It took Wade a year to get used to the switch, using fasting to help the process.
  • Now, after 20 years of routinely fasting about twice a year, although not pushing himself when weight training, he finds that he is still high energy levels and functionality.

What type of lifestyle factors do you see are the biggest problems for people when it comes to gut health? (20.09)

  • He says that people do not take tests to check on their health.
  • Wade has a podcast with Dr. Paul Maximus, which has five tests that men especially should have.
  • We need to go to an M.D. who schooled in long term care because it's not just about living longer; it's about living stronger and not relying on medications.

Tell us about what you're doing with the Cancer Institute. What are you working on now? (24.46)

  • Cancer treatment is an extremely challenging metabolic condition and often wrecks gut health as well. Wade makes a regular donation to the Cancer Institute as part of his legacy with his sister's illness
  • They help people by providing support in the digestive health and the recovery process, either during or post.

Where do you think this research on gut health and the testing is heading? (27.48)

  • Wade says that in the short term, the development of new enzymatic formulations and pathways that will cultivate into responses is where they are headed.
  • In the long term, they are at the forefront of cultivating and developing super strains of probiotics.
  • Eric and Wade discuss the increase of experimentation and gene splitting, bringing in Charles Darwin's theories.

What do I do to be part of that movement, as a fitness health professional? How do I start positioning myself? (33.00)

  • Wade recommends beginning with the five tests he mentioned earlier.
  • The next thing you need is to get a naturopathic doctor or a nutritional coach and fitness coach in your life as soon as possible.
  • Wade also recommends that you clean up your gut.


What do you think people are looking at, between supplementation and the right doctors and consistent testing? (35.40)

  • Wade says the tests that he just allocated are going to be a couple of thousand dollars, but that's going to carry you for five years.
  •  He thinks most people really should allocate somewhere between 500 to 1000 dollars a month if they can do it.

Wade, tell people where they can get hold of you, where they can find out more about you, and if there are any particular offers you'd like to produce for the audience as well? (38.19)

  • Go to to get a discount on any products and services. Every product we sell is a 365-day guarantee and will fix your digestion.
  • He suggests one of their digestive health kits to get started.
  • They have a lot of great courses and give a lot of it away all the education is free.

Wade's book:

Staying Alive in a Toxic World

Staying Alive is an essential, no-nonsense protocol for optimal health, fitness, and vitality in as little as 15 minutes per day using the 7-Step A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Health formula.

Written with Katrine Volynsky, the authors bring their combined expertise into an easy-to-follow, cutting-edge system geared to your age, gender, budget, and current state of health that can radically enhance your quality of life.

"The solutions to the challenges in the world lie within us. How is it that we expect to live a healthy, disease-free life when we continually eat foods that reduce the electrical potential of the human body we inhabit? We wrote this book to demonstrate how YOU can bring more vitality back into your life, build up your stamina, and incredible access amounts of energy to do what you love."


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