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Future of Fitness

May 20, 2020

In today’s episode, I have Kate Jaramillo and Ken Andrukow as guests. We will touch topics such as changes that are taking place in the world and the fitness industry, and what people need to be doing in these trying times. 

Kate is a wellness mentor and ketogenic lifestyle expert. Her goal is to help women thrive and become the best version of themselves. 

Ken is the owner and founder of Reebok CrossFit in Ramsay, Canada. Ken is aimed at helping members become open-minded and willing to take action.

Let’s get right into it, what do you guys see out there? (01:32)

  • Ken says he believes that times like these are when greatness rises. He says the health industry will make a dramatic change in regards to vaccines and the trials that accompany these vaccines. 
  • He thinks that the time spent on trials for vaccines and cures will be shortened because people don’t want to be in this position again. 
  • Kate adds that she thinks this is an exciting time; she says business owners will realize how much money they can save on rent and hiring offices. People will see what a big percentage of their work can be done from home. 
  • She adds that all these open spaces that were used for offices and businesses can be converted to apartments, churches or grocery stores. 
  • Also, general expenses will be much less. People are spending less money on things like gas and dry cleaning when they work from home. 

One of the important questions business owners should ask themselves right now, is do I want my business to survive this? (07:00)

  • Kate says she was inspired by advice saying that this is the pause we need. 
  • A lot of business owners are unhappy with where they are with their business; four or five years down the line they don’t remember why they started the business in the first place. 
  • Ken says that if you’ve wanted to stop what you’re doing because you don’t love it anymore, now is the time to do it.
  • He adds that if a business has been shut down for three months, it will be even harder than before to get it back on track. No one will blame you for shutting down. 

If you’re in an industry that’s ripe for disruption, now is the time for innovation (09:28)

  • Ken says there hasn’t been much change in the fitness industry in 30 years in terms of what people want and need from the industry. 
  • Technology has played its part in the last 5 years, but mostly in data recording. 
  • Regarding the interaction between fitness professionals and clients, there’s a major innovation on its way. 
  • If you’re in the industry, you have to think about your clients; what they wanted before the coronavirus struck, and what their needs will be after it's over. 

What are you guys seeing in the wellness industry? (17:29)

  • Kate says that people are in a panic, and giving things away for free.
  • They have also noticed a rise in fake work-from-home business opportunities. These ads are posted on Facebook, and people are even getting personal messages about these insincere opportunities. 
  • A lot of people are also stepping up as leaders and offering their clients support. 
  • It’s important to check in with your clients, even if it's just for support. She sent out an email to numerous clients, just asking if they need anything, and what can she do to assist. 
  • They put together a resource guide with fitness and nutritional information so that clients can keep up their routine. They aren’t doing it as a lead magnet, but rather to make sure clients feel calm, loved and supported in these times. 

Looking at it from a societal standpoint, what is the one change you’d like to see in societies and communities after this pandemic (19:30)

  • Kate says she wants people to make more time for each other.
  • She wants people to go the extra mile for one another; not to take a hug or a handshake for granted. 
  • Ken says he doesn’t want people going back to normal when all this is over; he wants us to learn from it. 
  • He hopes that we become closer, as a society and a world. 


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