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Future of Fitness

Sep 12, 2023

In this episode, host Eric Malzone sits down with special guest Tom Dowd to dive deep into the evolution and future prospects of F45. Tom shares his journey of getting involved with F45, initially through an investment with Mark Wahlberg, and sheds light on the challenges the company encountered along the way, including operational efficiency and profitability issues. Drawing from his extensive background, including 25 years at GNC, Tom discusses how his experiences prepared him for his pivotal role at F45. He reveals his passion for tackling challenges and revitalizing businesses. Tom unravels the reasons behind F45's decision to go public and later delist, underscoring the benefits of remaining a private company regarding flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially in the fitness industry.

The episode culminates with Tom Dowd outlining his vision for F45's future, focusing on maximizing their existing concepts, robust franchisee support, and expansion plans into markets like Asia and North America. Tune in for insights into leadership, growth, and the promising path ahead for F45.