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Future of Fitness

Mar 1, 2020

Vito LaFata

Vito LaFata is the co-owner of The Visionary Planner and now has a vineyard with a Tuscan Villa in a private retreat called Vision in the Vineyards. He is a Business Educator, Personal Brand Coach, and certified High-Performance Coach to Wellness & Fitness professionals wanting to grow their personal brands.

The Visionary Planner is a complete step by step Business in a Box and Operations Manual to start, launch and scale your online business.

What has Vito been doing the past few years?

  • He built his brand and business to enable him to spend time with his family.
  • Vito started a vineyard retreat, Vision in the Vineyards, and equates this with people’s lives. Are you willing to plant the seeds, toil and water them and then wait four years for the profit?
  • He talks about funneling and methodology as well as visions and missions to get him to where he is now.

What are the keys to understanding one’s vision and having something that is so emotionally driving that it gets you through the rough period of getting started?

  • Vito says firstly a person needs to be clear on your objectives before you begin and have a future forecast.
  • His vision was the Tuscan Villa in the vineyard and he put his dreams into intention, not leaving them as dreams.
  • He starts his lectures with vision and anchors and reiterates that if you do not have these then you may not be an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is not for you.
  • Vito engineers and architects his life and has built his brand, The Visionary Planner, so that he could anchor himself in the things he has to testify to. Monetary goals are important, and the difference between earnings and wealth.

What does it mean to develop Brand in your mind?

  • Visionaries are the future of the world and this is why he created his brand.
  • He talks about picking the things you stand for, how you see the world and creating things to serve that vision.

How does someone take steps to build Brand and what are the steps to take to initiate people with that?

  • The Visionary Planner has 5 steps to coaching clients. 
  • One of the steps is knowing your audience and having a content message.

What tactics do you have for people to build their audience?

  • Your content needs to match with your message.
  • You need to have a blueprint or roadmap for your content coaching.
  • All the best brands and businesses have a signature to get duplicatable results and audiences.
  • You need to have perspective to build a process and market it as your own to be able to demand your worth.
  • The world is coming back to experiencing connection vs social media, so you need to capture the funnel and move people into the process of conversation which is what gets you the audience.

What do the next two years look like for you?

  • Vito says that their main focus will be to keep scaling up.
  • There are three top missions for his 5-year plan
    • His vision of the vineyard and scaling it up.
    • To create legacy builders
    • To take The Visionary Planner to the next level.
  • Vito leaves us with the following: Figure out what moves the needle and start focusing.

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