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Future of Fitness

Sep 30, 2020

Max Shank is the owner of Ambition Athletics, he is also the author of Ultimate Athleticism, Simple Shoulder Solution, and Master The Kettlebell. Max studied economics and Spanish. He uses his knowledge in economics to make training and life easier and more efficient for his clients. 

Max wants to see everyone succeed...

Sep 23, 2020

Today, we celebrate our 200th episode by taking a walk down memory lane and listening to some key moments in the last few episodes.

Eric Malzone started this podcast almost 3 years ago because he wanted to help modernize the fitness industry. He tries to make the episodes as relevant and frequent as possible to keep up...

Sep 16, 2020

EC Synkowski runs OptimizeMe Nutrition, a company whose goal is to provide solutions for anyone to improve their weight, health, and overall well being through sustainable diet methods.

EC has extensive education in the life sciences with a BS in biochemical engineering, a first MS in environmental sciences (with a...

Sep 9, 2020

Jason Ackerman finished his Psychology masters in 2006. After graduating, he realized that he needed to find a ‘real’ job, something different from where he would be stuck in a gym for 16 hours a day and ending up with no energy. 

Jason decided to become a Crossfit coach and is one the founders of Own Your Eating....

Sep 2, 2020

Dr. Sean Pastuch is an entrepreneur, coach, medical professional, and is leading a tribe. He has hit a lot of adversity through the process but has managed to work through it and create Active Life Professional. 

Dr. Pastuch now focuses all his time, effort, and energy on being an entrepreneur. A year ago, he had 18...