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Future of Fitness

Apr 17, 2019

Matthew Januszek is a health, wellness & fitness expert and entrepreneur that turned his passion into a $33 million-dollar global business.

Since co-founding his business, Escape Fitness, he’s taken it to a $33 million-dollar global business that has been chosen by big brands and independent fitness professionals, such as the UFC, Equinox, 1Rebel, Sanctuary Fitness and more! Matthew has continued to be a powerful advocate for functional training. Their goal is to motivate and inspire people to get started and create exercise habits that last.

Matthew travels the world, helping studios and gyms to turn their visions into world-class fitness destinations and awesome training experiences. He has started five companies and sits on the board of three companies across three continents. In his spare time, Matthew also interviews industry experts to share insight and experiences on the Escape Your Limits podcast.