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Future of Fitness

Jul 12, 2022

Helaine Knapp is Founder & CEO of CITYROW, the fitness phenomenon that focuses on smart fitness for the modern consumer.
CITYROW pairs rowing with strength and mobility exercises – creating a workout that works. But a workout only works if you do it, and consumers today need choice, motivation and accountability. CITYROW clients can take classes at any one of our studios nationwide, from the comfort of their own home via on-demand classes, and everything in between. It’s top-notch programming combined with giving consumers the ability to participate when, where and how they want – giving CITYROW the ability to reach and impact more consumers.

Prior to CITYROW, Knapp, spent a number of years climbing the corporate ladder in media and participated in two SaaS tech exits – Buddy Media (sold to for $800MM in 2012) and Olapic (which sold to Monotype for $120MM in 2016). During this time, Knapp fell in love with group fitness. But, years of spinning and bootcamp classes left Knapp with lower back pain and minimal results. She set out to find a better and smarter way to maximize results and still enjoy group exercise. Here she uncovered a tried-and-true fitness tool, the rower. Knapp saw the opportunity for a smarter approach to fitness and thus CITYROW was born.



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