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Future of Fitness

Jul 19, 2022

Jim Crowell is the Founder of JWC Advisory Group (now called SageHouse Advisors), former Founder and Investor at Boost Capital, and former CEO of Opex Fitness. Currently, he co-founded and Managing Member of The Sagehouse, they are the first company to work with fitness and wellness startups as both investors and consultants to build long-term foundations for sustainable success.


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THE FITTECH CLUB - Brought to you by my good friends at the FitTech Summit, Europe’s leading conference devoted to fitness and health technology, The FitTech Club is a unique offering entering North America. For those in fitness & health technology, the FitTech Club brings thought leaders together to inspire them: by making the right contacts at the right time and giving insights to the industry’s most relevant and current trends. Equal parts accelerator, mastermind, investor group, and consultancy, I urge you to learn more HERE