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Future of Fitness

Oct 28, 2020

Joel is a best-selling author and one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength, conditioning, and energy programs. His strategies have been used by thousands of elite performers and top athletes worldwide, including the Navy, SEALS, UFC Champions, and dozens of teams from the NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA, and more.

What’s been different for Joel these last 2 years? (4:20)

  • Joel’s personal goal has always been to help as many people as he could on the conditioning side of coaching. 
  • He says this goal has grown quite a lot in the last two years.
  • Back when COVID hit Joel thought that it was going to be a very hard period for his business.
  • However, things actually picked up significantly for online education as more and more people were looking for certification. 
  • People have realized the industry is changing and that remote training is going to become a large part of training in the coming years. 
  • People will have to apply themselves more than ever and try and learn as many new skills as possible. 

How does Joel’s certification equip coaches to kind of deal with the new world with remote coaching and things like that? (7:05)

  • Joel was receiving a lot of emails at the start of COVID lockdowns from people who couldn’t access their gyms and wanted to stay in shape. 
  • Sending out a mass email asking if anyone would be interested in a free 30-day conditioning training video, he received a massive response. 
  • Keeping a limit of 300 people to ensure quality support for everyone involved, they sold out spots in two days.
  • Conditioning training is a good skill for online coaching because you do not need a whole lot of equipment like if you’re doing something like strength training. 
  • Joel received many positive reviews from people saying that they have managed to stay fit and healthy thanks to his conditioning training. 

What has surprised Joel within his specific niche? (16:40)

  • Joel was surprised that so many people use conditioning for the goals they are working towards. 
  • The more people you encounter the more you learn about niche sports that are often overlooked that other people might take super serious. 
  • Seeing his training being implemented in these sports surprised but pleased Joel. 

How is the fitness industry going to be different? (32:56)

  • Joel believes all of the new technology is going to help people make better decisions, have better habits, and a better idea of how to improve their fitness. 
  • He believes we are going towards better personalization through technology and more of a holistic approach to health and fitness. 
  • The reason fitness use to break down for so many people was that there was little personalization within the programs.
  • 40-50 people were doing the same program and now with remote training, it’s easier to work out individual programs for people as they can enter their nutrition, medical histories, and physical disabilities for the coaches to see. 


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