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Future of Fitness

Apr 15, 2020

In today’s episode, I have Adam Zeitsiff as a guest, discussing the health and fitness industry and what COVID-19 holds for the future of fitness. 

Adam Zeitsiff is the president and CEO of Gold’s Gym, which is an American chain of fitness centres. 

Who is your strongest demo? (02:20)

  • Adam says a decade ago they were still famous for helping people get stronger in bodybuilding, which is what put them on the map. So if asked this question then, bodybuilding would have been their demo.
  • Today, however, their demo is split from a male and female standpoint. 
  • The 22 to 44 age group is big at the moment, again, evenly split between male and female. 
  • A big part of their market is still helping people get stronger, and their bodybuilding heritage is still a proud part of the business. 

As a leader and CEO, how is your role changing right now? (03:40)

  • He says they closed the gym on March 16th, and although it was a very difficult decision, it was the right choice in their efforts to support humanity. 
  • He has since been acting out the role of chief psychologist and reaches out to his whole team regularly to make sure that everyone is in the right frame of mind. 
  • The company has an amazing franchise support organization, which is also reaching out all the time. 
  • He has to keep himself in check every day as well, realizing that this is something no one has experienced before, and it’s hard for everyone. But this too shall pass.

Have you seen any creative problem solving out there? (08:13)

  • Adam says one thing he has noticed from their own business is how they came together as a global franchise community to help drive online content and fitness. 
  • They have Gold’s amp fitness and exercise app, which offers audio coaching, video coaching, and music.
  • They’ve made the app available for free until the end of May so that anyone can use it. This is their way of supporting members and nonmembers. 
  • They made contact with all franchises around the globe to create video-on-demand content, and within a few days, they launched their content. They came together as a fitness community, which was something that didn’t exist beforehand. 
  • A lot of their local franchises have made their premises available to necessary workers like firefighters who are working around the clock. This way, these necessary workers can take showers and clean up because they can’t go home. 

When the dust settles, what do you think the fitness industry is going to look like? (11:16)

  • He says when the gyms reopen, he doesn’t know what “normal” will be? Things will probably never go back to what they were, but they can try and create some semblance of it.
  • People are going to return gradually and then there will be the “gym rats” who will be the first people there when the doors open, but this will probably be the exception.
  • It will take a while for people to get comfortable again because, besides the quick trip to the store, people will not have been in a public setting in a long time.
  • The virus has accelerated the demand for digital fitness; it has been part of the industry for a while, but people are becoming aware of it now more than ever.

What is the one thing fitness professionals and gym owners should not be doing right now? (15:22)

  • He says this is the time where your brand and your legacy can be defined or redefined. 
  • Regulations are in place for a reason; don't meet your clients and help them work out at the back with the lights off. He says it sounds silly, but he has heard of people doing it. 
  • Don't put sales over the health and safety of members. No one is receiving revenue at the moment, so everyone is struggling, but remember that safety comes first. 
  • Don't lose contact with family, friends or members. Reach out, don't stay idle in that regard. 


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