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Future of Fitness

Sep 2, 2020

Dr. Sean Pastuch is an entrepreneur, coach, medical professional, and is leading a tribe. He has hit a lot of adversity through the process but has managed to work through it and create Active Life Professional. 

Dr. Pastuch now focuses all his time, effort, and energy on being an entrepreneur. A year ago, he had 18 members on his team, but he now has 41 people helping him reach for success. 

What are the rules of 3’s and 10’s? 

  • This is a business rule that every time your revenue starts with either a three or a 10, it is time to change your entire business - if you are making $100,000 a year, but you want to make $300,000 a year, you will need to change some things. 
  • Things will need to change, from who your clients are, how you find them, what you’re charging, and anything else that needs to be altered for you to reach the next three or ten.

Can you describe your business’s qualities from two months ago and then explain what you are working towards two months from now? What does that transition look like?

  • Dr. Pastuch says two months before this recording; they were willing to take on whatever punches that were going to be thrown their way and take any challenge head-on.
  • The business is now moving more towards martial artistry, where everything happens on purpose and through patterns, which ensures there are reasonable next steps to take. 
  • They had to build a corporate structure because there was a lack of accountability and responsibility.

After someone goes through your pro-coach program, how do they start those relationships with the medical profession? Are you helping them facilitate that?

  • Dr. Pastuch helps people by giving them a vocabulary that is backed by substance and is working towards bridging the gap better in the future. 
  • Dr. Pastuch had a client that was in a coma and lost 80lbs, he came to Dr.Pastuch to help return him to his former body and increase his muscle mass. Dr.Pastuch then wanted to speak to every doctor that worked with his client, and together they worked together for a year. 

How do you think the fitness industry is going to change over the next year?

  • Dr. Pastuch hopes that a year from now, hobbyists in the fitness space will be worked out because they are not professional trainers. Professional trainers realize the way they work needs to change. 
  • The people who have the most skills with marketing and sales will win, and it might not have anything to do with their ability to coach. 
  • There may be many professionals that will be left out because they refused to learn those skills. 



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