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Future of Fitness

Apr 7, 2019

I am an exercise physiologist who specializes in understanding and directing individual changes that alleviate suffering and contribute to the betterment of well people. I am currently invested in understanding the role of cannabinoids in the human central nervous system. I have over 30 years of classroom and industry leadership, contributing to a strength in the ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple manner. In turn, leading to a better understanding by students, changed behaviors in athletes, as well as, brand and customer development. The cornerstone of my practice is using technology, giving athletes and exercisers an ability to daily track their performance in strength, cardiovascular and resilience training programs. I was Captain of The Ohio State University Wrestling Team, where I earned a Big 10 Championship in 1985. My personal interests include supporting my wife and daughter, a women’s lacrosse player at The Ohio State University. LinkedIn page,