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Future of Fitness

Jul 22, 2020

In today’s interview, I have Jen Zygmunt as my guest and we are looking into the world of virtual fitness. 

Jen is the SVP of sales and marketing at Wellbeats, which is the world's leading virtual fitness provider, where she is responsible for creating and driving demand. 

Along with her thriving career, she is also a wife and mother who enjoys the outdoors and staying active. 

What’s your story? How did you get to where you are with Wellbeats (01:13)

  • Jen says she used to be in the consumer goods industry, and she landed in fitness coincidently. However, her mom was a PE teacher growing up, so she has a background in physical fitness. 
  • She has always been passionate about sports, but career-wise, she started in IP sales and ended up in the sales and marketing side of consumer goods. 
  • At the time she was traveling every week, and when she was pregnant with her second child, she thought it was a good opportunity to change her career path. 
  • She dug into her network and started looking for something different. At the same time Jason Von Bank, CEO of Wellbeats, was looking for someone with a sales and marketing background to manage those areas of the company.
  • She met with Jason and she has been with Wellbeats for four and a half years.  

Give us some insights into the depth and breadth of the content you guys are producing (04:31)

  • Jen says they have traditional fitness classes like yoga and cycling - anything you can find in the group fitness area. 
  • They also have nutrition classes, which include nutrition education and cooking recipes. Additionally, they offer mindfulness and meditation classes. 
  • They tried to cater to different groups and environments; they have office breaks where you can do a quick workout in the office, and they also offer classes geared around specific sports like golf. 
  • She says they try to accommodate everyone regardless of age, ability, interest or environment. 

How do you help companies and corporations become active in the program? (06:36)

  • Jen says technology is very beneficial in this area; it helps you reach customers in different ways with different messages. 
  • It also allows them to recommend specific content to their customer, based on their interests and behaviors within the application. This keeps the customer engaged and ensures that they come back. 
  • Customers return to Wellbeats because the company offers them something they are interested in. 
  • If a customer signs up for a challenge, they will remind them to come back and complete their challenge. She says this drives engagement. 

Some people are hard to get motivated and get going, and in most cases, these people must get activated. How do you approach this challenge? (07:27)

  • Jen says Wellbeats provide a lot of tools to help employers motivate their employees. 
  • They have monthly promotional campaigns where they focus on education like how to get started. 
  • They offer education on anything from getting started to breathing exercises and adds that these are important because you shouldn’t just jump into a hiit class if you haven’t been working out. 
  • She says nutrition is another gateway into physical activity, along with mindfulness classes. You can even listen to a podcast based on managing stress and anxiety.

What does virtual training look like? (12:00)

  • Jen says that all of their products are on demand right now, so they offer pre-recorded classes within their app. 
  • They try to push people into their fitness assessments or their challenges so that they can fulfill the customers’ needs, whether it’s helping them lose weight, train for a 5k or help them with a work from home challenge. 
  • They’re focused on helping the customer find a solution through a provided schedule. 
  • Wellbeats do live recording on Facebook and social media, even some live events, but these are more event-based and not an everyday occurrence. 


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